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Skip The Developer: Create Your Website For Free!

The word ‘free’ is often abused in many contexts. Like most prospective website owners, you are probably tempted by the idea of creating a free website. To be fair, there is nothing called a ‘free’ website. To be fair, websites can be free, but there are limitations with regards to bandwidth and storage. In this post, we are discussing how you can make a free website i.e. without relying on a developer.

Select the right hosting plan

A website is nothing but a collection of files, and as with any file, web files must be stored somewhere. That’s where hosting comes in the picture. There are so-called free hosting services, but most of these have caps on how much storage you can use. To be fair, hosting cannot be free, especially when we are seeking uptime, reliability, tech support, unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth.

Find a domain name

Next, you need to find a domain name, and that can be free, provided you are willing to add an extension to the name. For example, if your company is called ABC, you can get a free domain name, such as, provided it’s available with WordPress. It is also rather important that you select a domain name that resonates with your ideas or business, even if that comes for a cost.

Follow the required steps

The final selection is the CMS, or Content Management System, which allows you to edit, manage, update and keep the website running, and we recommend  that you go for WordPress. WordPress offers considerable support for new website owners, and you have a thriving community that always has assistance on the go. Setting your website, provided you have the domain and hosting, is all about following steps. There are endless free themes that you can choose from.

Do I need a web developer?

For basic websites and blogs, you can skip the need for a developer. There are many awesome guides on how you can create a website from scratch, with screenshots and images for help, so getting started is rather easy. If your website expands or you need something that’s more customized and has specific features, you can consider hiring a developer.

Before you launch your website, make sure that it is optimized for SEO. In WordPress, there are free plug-ins that allows website owners to optimize for social media and SEO. Check online now to find more.

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